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There is a revolution going on - together we can change the world!

Just this week American Idol announced over 70 million people voted online or via mobile for their next American Idol star. Another reality TV show – “Dancing with the Stars” has become one of the most popular entertainment shows with the audience deciding on the fate of the performers via phone, online or mobile voting. Rock & Roll music was truly alive again last summer as 50 million people nightly took part in the airing and voting of MSN sponsored Rock Star Super Nova.

One thing is for sure, the power of people’s opinions is certainly all around us and only going to get stronger.

Membership allows multiple music and videos to be uploaded securely for public or private simultaneous viewing. Members can collaborate privately on their music production with other membership via private video and audio functions.

It’s even possible to play another member’s private video while listening to separate audio tracks, make your changes and send your creation back and fourth until ready to be unveiled for public voting via RockStar Nation.


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