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Social Networking Meets Social Media Broadcasting.

We believe that there is a genuine music community that may not be musically inclined – but enjoy interacting and hooking up with entertainment people and entertainment loving people – since ultimately they are the ones that make music and entertainment happen. We also  believe all bands & musicians deserve a fair opportunity to get discovered based on the quality of their music, their image and video content.  This is the place that the two connect.

We've reengineered the power of a social networking and collaboration platform. We've developed tons of applications geared at one thing alone. Deliver social media messages from a single console to as many social media spots as you desire at the touch of a RockStar Nation button.

Why? Because social media is the new broadcast meduim. The more places your news appears, the more visible your music is. The side bar benefit is your efforts start getting noticed by search engines. When people start Googling you, you're there. As you start climbing in all different search terms - more people start spreading the news.

You've created a movement.



Join today and you get:

  • Social Media Broadcast Tools empower you to automate your SEO efforts, spread your news to all social spots at the touch of a button - become a social media rock star.
  • Have more time to focus on your music knowing that RockStar Nation's social media 'machine' is spreading your news far and wide.
  • Exposure to thousands of  viewers/listeners.
  • New fans among our community.
  • 3 Times The Exposure. A single membership has 3 separate profiles, 3 areas to describe yourself or your group, upload images, MP3s or Video files.
  • You decide when to make your media public. Store it securely on RockStar Nation servers while you create, share and collaborate with other members.
  • Feedback. RockStar Community Votes for your videos, music and profiles, high rated members get more exposure.
  • The Internet and RockStar Nation Give You Equal Exposure. If people like your song, you'll get more reviews and climb the charts.
  • Collaborate – Use the VIP option to allow other members access to your music, video and images. Send private messages back and forth while you are creating your work.
  • HookUp – Find friends or lovers via the member and messaging section in Fans.
  • Search -  Enter search criteria in your membership. Use custom search features to notify you of matches.
  • Go Mobile – Enter your carrier info and how you want your messages delivered. Review media on your mobile PDA as you receive new messages!
  • A chance at getting signed – managers and industry people can fill out the search profile for a particular type of musician – the system will alert them when someone meeting their match signs up.
  • And much more...FREE! Online promotion, eager fan base, hosting and streaming of your Video, pictures and MP3’s to drive your attendance and CD sales. Messaging platform tools to communicate with fans and other artists, profile page & pics to feature your band,... all people can connect in many different ways!

What does it cost?


  • OPTION 1. FREE, FREE. Join as a regular member, fill out a detailed profile in one or 3 profiles, post pictures, multiple videos and music files in public or private format. If someone messages you, it’s free to answer back – forever. Flirt for free. Use our social broadcasting apps to automate your social media delivery, optimization, email messages, mobile connections and cool GPS galleries, widgets, mobile apps and more.... FREE


  • OPTION 2. Let Us help You! Need help? You've got it! Just ask.
  • WebStager, the force behind RockStar Nation has you covered. Want an awesome branded look? Our creative team produces art work for some of the world's largest brands. Want to create a kick a__ web presence that you can easily make changes to? We can host your site and give you access to our way simple to use 'point and click' CMS (Content Management System).
  • Need help implementing your social strategy?
  • Contact Us. or have a look around at some of the other cool projects we've been working on - like web cams at the 2010 Olympics or Grizzly Bear social media in the Great Bear Rainforest. We are here to help and want you to have fun while we are doing it!.

  • Click the WebStager image below to see some of WebStager's (RockStar Nation's creators) awesome projects.

    Let RockStarNation rock you.

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